At Bridges Community Homecare we understand there are times you need a little help.

That’s why we provide expert nursing assistants to qualified patients. Our certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have completed specialized training in certified nursing assistant schools, have passed state exams, and have cleared background checks.

But more than that, we’ve chosen them from among their peers because they’re responsible, caring, smart, and they’re the type of people you would want in your home.

Expert Assistants

Do you need help bathing, showering, getting dressed or fixing your hair? Our CNAs are there to help you. They’ve been specifically trained to help you transfer safely from your bed to a wheelchair, in and out of a shower, and to help you with dressing and grooming. They know how to make the entire experience pleasant and comfortable—and they know their role is to anticipate your needs and make everything a lot simpler.

Patient Monitoring

Our CNAs have had specialized healthcare training and represent another “set of eyes” to watch for problems before those problems get out of control. If your home health aide notices a problem that isn’t being addressed by your current treatment and care they can notify your nurse or doctor. Sometimes just simply having another professional caring for you can catch small problems before they become big problems.