In-Home Nursing Services

At Bridges Community Homecare nursing is our specialty.

Did you know regular visits from one of our dedicated, caring nurses can help you stay healthy and safe in your own home—avoiding the need to live temporarily or permanently in a skilled nursing facility?

Under the direction of your physician our nurses can bring healthcare directly to you. And we can handle surprisingly complex medical issues:

Pain Management

With life comes pain. Whether it’s pain from a chronic illness, recent surgery, or progressive arthritis, pain can take the joy out of life. The good news is our nurses have specific expertise in pain management—whether it’s through prescription or over-the-counter medication, positioning, modalities (hot packs, cold packs, etc.) or a referral to a physical or occupational therapist—we can reduce or even eliminate your pain so you can get back to living.

Wound Care

Did you know that an uncared-for wound is often the reason for hospitalization? Thankfully our nurses are experts in the complex process of helping wounds to heal. Whether it’s a pressure ulcer (bed sore), surgical wound, or bump or bruise that’s turned into something far worse—we can provide regular care with state-of-the-art dressings and medications to help you be whole again.

Medication Setup and Administration

While modern medications can be truly miraculous in their ability to help you maintain health, when you’re taking several medications the risk of harmful side effects increases. Especially when you’re a senior adult. Some of the most common side effects are confusion, blurred vision, light-headedness and loss of balance. That’s why at Bridges Community Homecare our nurses are specially trained to understand medication dosing, timing, steady states, and interactions with other drugs. In concert with your physician, our nurses can set up, manage, and monitor the effectiveness of your medications.

Plan of Care Development

What’s your big picture? What are your goals? How do your current health issues fit into your overall health? Without that “big picture”—and someone to guide you through it—you might miss the chance to get back to optimum health. That’s where our nurses come in. They’ll be your health advocates—understanding your goals and letting you be the most important voice on your own road back to health. They’ll be your advocates in a sometimes confusing and complex healthcare world.

Patient and Family Education

Our nurses see it all—and they understand that you and your family may not be aware of all the ways that modern healthcare can help you. So, look to our nurses to be your advocates, coaches, and advisors. Could you benefit from a specialized piece of equipment in your home? Are there ways you could heal faster or be safer? Our nurses will take the time to educate you and your caregivers about all the ways today’s healthcare can help make life better.

Disease Management and Education

Nothing can be more frustrating than a healthcare provider that doesn’t understand the specifics of your particular ailment. That’s why we choose our nursing staff from among the best that Colorado has to offer. You want a nurse who is book smart, experienced, caring, and who is constantly refreshing their knowledge. We provide regular, on-going training so our nurses are ready to deal with your specific issues. With your doctor, they can help you manage your illness to get the best results.