At Bridges Community Homecare our physical therapists can help you in unexpected ways. While our therapists are experts in neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders, in a home environment they truly shine as experts in movement.

Are you having trouble walking, maintaining your balance, or just plain “getting around”? Our physical therapists can help with simple to complex issues—from balance training for someone who is afraid of falling to the sophisticated needs of someone with quadriplegia or a catastrophic stroke.

Endurance Training

Do you find yourself losing energy on a short walk to your mailbox? Or huffing and puffing going from your bedroom to your kitchen? Whether it’s a simple problem like lack of energy or something more complex like dropping oxygen levels due to COPD our physical therapists can help you get your endurance back. Through an individualized program tailored specifically to your needs, our therapists can make simple exercises fun and effective—and help you with the endurance you need.

Range of Motion

It’s about movement. Each one of your joints is designed to give you a certain amount of movement so you can do the things you need to do each day. But if you have an ankle, knee, or hip that isn’t working right—that makes living well more difficult. And it can lead to falls, fractures, corrective surgery, and a possible stay in a rehab center. Thankfully our physical therapists understand even the tiniest details of how to get your joints moving like they should—and can help make joint issues a thing of the past.

Gait Training

Physical therapists describe the way humans walk in terms of gait. Do you shuffle, lean forward, or both? Are you always catching your toe on the edge of the carpet or on door thresholds? Has a stroke left you with a leg that likes to lag behind? Our physical therapists can see beyond the obvious and understand the hidden causes of your issues with walking. And they know how to fix it.


Everything you do requires a certain amount of strength. Do you have trouble standing up from a chair or climbing stairs? Is it difficult to get out of bed and pull on your clothes? Our physical therapists will talk to you about your specific needs and, along with you, design an individualized program that will help you do all those things you need to do.

Stroke and Neurological Rehab

If you’ve had a stroke or suffer from other neurological damage due to a disease process or accident, part of the solution is working with our therapists. Physical Therapists are experts in neurological rehab. Luckily your brain and nerves have a certain amount of what is called neuroplasticity. That simply means that—with the right stimulus—they can recover some if not all of their function. Trust our therapists to help you recover neurologically.

Balance Training

Balance is all about keeping you safe as you transfer in and out of bed, a tub or shower, and even while you’re sitting. And perhaps most importantly, you need good balance to walk on uneven surfaces—like your yard. Our therapists can evaluate your balance system which includes your inner ear, soles of your feet, joints, and your central nervous system. They can then help you correct any issues and get you back on your feet again with confidence.