Speech therapists—also known as speech and language pathologists—play an important part in the delivery of healthcare. And, like many other therapists, their title only tells part of the story.

Our speech therapists are highly-educated, licensed professionals who have proven themselves by completing intense and demanding training, and through working with some of the most complex disabilities in healthcare.

If you have problems with speech, swallowing, or dementia our therapists represent a deep well of knowledge and skill.

Language Disorders

Certain disease processes such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, or Multiple Sclerosis can decrease a person’s ability to communicate through speech. Head injuries and strokes can also cause serious issues with a person’s use of spoken language. Whether it manifests itself as slowed speech, garbled words, non-sensical speech or slurring—our speech therapists understand the causes and are specialists in providing effective treatments to improve speech.

Swallowing Disorders

Most of us take swallowing for granted. But in a healthcare setting there are many temporary or chronic conditions that can affect a person’s ability to swallow. It’s a serious issue for two reasons: it can quickly lead to poor nutrition and it only takes one serious mis-swallow to block a person’s airway. Speech therapists not only understand the anatomy, physiology, neurology and mechanics of swallowing they have effective treatments to improve it. And while they’re helping you improve your swallowing they can adapt your diet to decrease risks.

Alternative Communications

There are times when a person’s injury, disease process, or disability makes spoken communication an impossibility. In those cases our speech therapists are experts in many types of adaptive language including picture boards, computer-assisted speech, etc.

Cognitive Experts

If you have trouble with attention, memory, problem-solving, or other functions of “thinking” a speech therapist has a lot to offer. Speech therapists are specially trained to evaluate and determine the cause of such problems and have many tools, treatments, and specialized knowledge to improve your disability.